One Hour: This is a short n sweet snapshot of you and your family. If you'd like a few formal portrait shots for posterity plus a few reportage-style ones too, then this is the one for you. Am happy to come to your home, or a favourite location of yours.  Up to 30 edited images provided. £250 

Half Day: Now we get to settle down a bit and I actually spend some real time with you and your family. This is a more documentary-style session, where you get on with your day, and I move around and photograph those special, fleeting moments that can easily get forgotten about in the whirl of family life. This is also a good option for special occasions like birthdays, or if you would like to capture an afternoon at the spielplatz, or a visit from the grandparents. Up to 60 edited images provided. £400 

Full Day: We can begin at home, from the moment they open their eyes, through breakfast and onto whatever you would like to do. I will accompany you and your family to document every moment ... maybe a wander around your neighbourhood, or further afield, then back home for dinner, bath time, bedtime stories and goodnight kisses. I will work around you and your family, capturing everything  which seems so ordinary in family life, and yet is so quickly gone as they grow. A whole day in the life of you. A unique and special gift forever, for you and your children. Up to 150 edited images (or more if you want!) £675 

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